Tonight’s Dress

Mobile App UI & UX Design Tonight’s Dress is a dress rental app aimed at college students. The user experience of the app is focused on keeping things simple & enabling people to smoothly navigate the app. The UI is focused on providing a clean & elegant look for the app while still making all […]

Hyderabad Racing Circuit (Season 3)

Advertising Design HRC is Hyderabad’s local cycle racing community that I was very glad to be a core member of. Our aim was to grow & nurture the cycle racing community of Hyderabad through organizing regular races where everyone could take part. I wanted to come up with something exciting for the 4th HRC season […]


Logo Design The MTCWA Logo has become very well known in the cycle racing community. I had designed this logo during my time at MTCWA which now works as an NPO that encourages competitive cycling & aims to help young & underprivileged cyclists. The wordmark type logo was designed to point up when printed normally […]

Birdsong OS

User Experience Design Birdsong OS is an application that can be used to manage everything in a school/college from finances to student information to exams, admissions & more. Birdsong OS was being used by hundreds of schools in India in 2022. I worked on this project with Pal Nesto & designed the user experience for […]

The Crypto Academy

User Experience Design The Crypto Academy is a project done for Coinsbit & Biteeu in partnership. The project was an online crypto education platform that I did during my time with Pal Nesto. I was the lead user experience designer for the project. The idea was to create a easy to use and gamified user […]

Merquri Medica AED Ad

AED Advertisement AED or automatic electronic defibrillators are a very niche product & their ads are very predictable & usually boring. With the help of a great team we were able to come up with a more interesting approach to creating an ad for AEDs. Though the instructional nature of the ad could not be […]

Bloom (Apace)

Apparel Design Apace is a sports apparel company that wanted to put out something different, something eye catching & something unique. We decided to take an unconventional approach for this project & came up with the idea of a floral design pattern. After long hours of tedious work, the Apace ‘Bloom’ cycling jersey was ready. […]

Roy’s Thottam

Brand Identity Design Roy’s Thottam translates to ‘Roy’s Farmhouse’. The identity for the farmhouse represents Roy’s simple desire to own a farm & grow some fruits & vegetables of his own.  The hand drawn & down to earth feel of the logo perfectly symbolizes the years of hard work, time & effort taken to Roy […]


Advertising Design Hyderabad Racing Circuit or popularly known as HRC is an entity that organizes cycle races in the city of Hyderabad. HRC organizes many different formats of races & attracts riders from all over India including national champions. HRC races are advertised almost solely through word of mouth & online messaging platforms, especially WhatsApp. […]

Footy Meme

Logo & UI Design FootyMeme is a website developed by a techie, dedicated to bringing people real football news from reliable sources. The logo reflects the clean, user centered thinking behind the design which is meant focus on content. The goal of FootyMeme’s website was to focus on content & have a very minimal design. […]