Advertising Design

Hyderabad Racing Circuit or popularly known as HRC is an entity that organizes cycle races in the city of Hyderabad. HRC organizes many different formats of races & attracts riders from all over India including national champions.

HRC races are advertised almost solely through word of mouth & online messaging platforms, especially WhatsApp. A poster is designed to advertise each event, which is shared online. Attending a race is as simple as showing up on a bike at the right place & time.

Thus to make HRC’s advertising more effective, a content focused poster template has been developed with a simple yet unique graphic for each race format. This also adds cohesiveness & increased recall value to the messaging. 

The poster design makes the key information easily readable & accessible, making use of large yet simple typography. The template makes use of HRC logo’s primary colors & art style elements while allowing space for sponsor representation as well.