Logo Design The MTCWA Logo has become very well known in the cycle racing community. I had designed this logo during my time at MTCWA which now works as an NPO that encourages competitive cycling & aims to help young & underprivileged cyclists. The wordmark type logo was designed to point up when printed normally […]

Roy’s Thottam

Brand Identity Design Roy’s Thottam translates to ‘Roy’s Farmhouse’. The identity for the farmhouse represents Roy’s simple desire to own a farm & grow some fruits & vegetables of his own.  The hand drawn & down to earth feel of the logo perfectly symbolizes the years of hard work, time & effort taken to Roy […]

MP Legal Associates

Brand Identity Design MP Legal Associates is a law office based in India. They required a professional brand identity design based on their values of serving people. Their humanitarian attitude is also reflected in their work & the way they deal with their clients. Their brand identity system was designed to distinguish themselves from the […]